Steyrische Salza

Thanks to the Rudi Heger Bavarian Flytying Competition we had the chance to fish the Salza in Austria, in the region Steyermark. The river is in the middle of nowhere deep in the mountains from Austria, even the next shop to buy a beer is more than 20 minutes away… so really far away from civilization.

The water is gin clear and runs thru deep pools and shallow parts, trout and grayling hasn’t a big chance to hide and you could see them in the stream. That part of the river was „only“ about two kilometers with that license but just beautiful!

A nice grayling, caught with a heavy nymph in a deep pool.

A nice rainbow with a tschernobyl-ant – how fun to watch the bite 🙂

River „down“ there is a big artificial lake in front of the dam, also that water is clear like vodka. It was a little bit like an action movie when you paddle around with the belly boat and you could see all the fish swimming around you. Char, grayling, rainbow, brown trout and pikes we’re chasing our streamer.



How cool colors does that beauty have!!


These 3 beautiful days where just to fast over, but I’m sure we’re fish that part again somewhen! Thanks also to the Gasthof Leithner in Greith for the awesome food and good company.

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