Double Tungsten – heavy as hell :)

My joker for deep pools in the river is this double tungsten nymph. A 3,3mm and a 3,8mm tungsten head is bringing that nymph really fast to the ground! Don’t forget to duck while casting 🙂

What you need:

  • tungsten beats in two sizes
  • nymph hook (here a partridge czech nymph in size 10)
  • copper wire
  • goose biots
  • dubbing
  • a hackle
  • and some scud back


place the two beats on the hook

some goose biots as a tail and a some wire

dubbing body and cover with a ripping of wire, end it with a knot and cut the thread

start again and add two goose biots and tie in the scud back

add a dry fly hackle


flipp the scud back to front and fix it, cut the thread after a good knot

start tying again and fix the scud back

add again two goose biots and end the nymph

fix the scud back with some resin and just go fishing!

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