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  • Fishing in Terrace, BC, Canada
    What a nice trip to Canada! We’ve been fishing in and around Terrace BC. Here the first few Pics
  • Fly Fur – new Flytying Material
    I love to tie with craft fur, but there are so many different types of it. To be honest most of them has such a bad quality that the only thing you could do is trow it in the bin… So there is something quite new – it’s called Fly Fur and the description about[…]
  • Step by step – Pike Pinky
    A nice fluffy unweighted pike streamer in pink and black. What you need to tie it is: – Hooks, like Ahrex PR350 in 6/0– Icelandic sheephair in pink and black– some bucktail in pink and black– flash – grizzly hackles– Soft Head from Pro Sportfisher– Superglue
  • Seatrout fishing in Denmark
    We had a awesome time at the Danish Coast this December, the weather was ruff but the fishing was great.
  • Merry Christmas Rudolf!
    Wish you all a merry Christmas!    
  • Fishing is getting more popular
    Even the Swiss newspaper heard about that fishing is getting more popular – a nice written article about more young people are coming back to a hobby in the nature https://www.blick.ch/news/schweiz/fischen-so-beliebt-wie-nie-die-jungen-haengen-an-der-angel-id9063591.html